Is it a “professional” glass job?

Picked up the new board, the ‘forty one two – mkII’ from the glassing service today.

Maybe I was expecting too much?

Which begs the question … What was I expecting?

Well, to be honest, I thought I would get a ‘showroom’ condition board back. You know the look and feel, just like you find in any surfboard shop … smooth, nice blend of the laps, no cloth showing and no dry spots.

Am I asking too much?

Rough behind fins Dry Spots


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  1. substandard glass job………….! i guess you paid them cash ….take the fucker back put it along side another shapers stock and ask them what the fuck happened.

  2. slap dash friday arvo glassing job…can you imagine them handing that back as a finished product to simon anderson or muzza bourton, the dry spot in the deck is not good enough, the cloth weave behind the plugs should have been repaired…it will wick water in those areas.

    1. That’s my concern too … wicking water where the cloth is exposed.

      My photo’s did not turn out, but there a few spots like that …

      And … the ‘hard edge’ along the rail has like a “flat” spot which feels like has been sanded into the cloth too …

      Overall, very very disappointing. I was just not sure if I was expecting too much … so thanks for your comments.

      1. press lightly on the hard edge sand through, very lightly cos its gonna be soft, take it back to them for repair………if no action ,,,hey name and shame, its the world wide web serves them right.

  3. na you werent expecting to much, you paid for a glass job that should have the same quality as a shop rack board, what was the cost ?

      1. Hey Dave … optical illusion m8 … they are 1″ off the rails at the rear edge of the fin.

        Although, that’s another issue … when I went put fins in it a couple of days ago, it seems the plugs are also not in the right spot and so the trailing edge of the side fins was about an 1/8th of an inch too far back … I managed to push the fins forward, so got it to within about 1/16th of an inch …

        But, the rear fin is at least a 1/4 of an inch too far forward 🙁

  4. this is getting worse, substandard glass job ,fins set in wrong position, hows the fin cant ? are they set at the degrees you asked ? is the fin cant equal on the outside fins . this workman ship is garbage.

    1. I have not checked … yet. Will be interesting on both counts … I’ll check and let you know over the weekend. At least the side fins are both the same amount too far back!

    1. Hey Scot,

      Nah, I didn’t bother … mainly because I knew it was cut from a ‘lite’ blank and it would not last that long anyway. I expected the deck to depress … I posted about the glassing only to see if I was expecting too much … having ascertained my expectations were not too far off, I ended up deciding it was not worth the hassle of going back and having any ‘argument’ …

      I’ve also deliberately not mentioned the name of the person, or the name of their business … I figure that’s the fair thing, especially since I’m a newbie to this gig … and the “industry” is fairly small. No sense burning bridges.

      In addition to the feedback on here, I’ve spoken to a few people as well … all in all, it’s a learning experience, and I guess I see it as part of the process.

      Which reminds me, I need to check the fin cant angles …


      1. no names mentioned………so the next poor fucker get the same shit job for top dollar…….a proper glassing shop probably just around the corner……would do a showroom job for the same money…..and say any problems bring it back……….expose the pricks c’mon they ripped you off….and will do it again.

      2. Hey Basil,

        It’s a tough call. I totally agree with your comments that the next bloke may end up with the same issues, which I weigh against, whether this is a ‘one off’ from this glassing service…

        Anyone who may be thinking of getting a board glassed, can always contact me, like Anthony did …I won’t tell who I used, but I can hint one way or another if they were looking at using the same service …

        I’d rather be positive than negative in how I share my learning and evolution.

        Thanks for your comments.


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