Machine Cut and Outsource Glassing

imagesPicked up the machine cut blank today for the ‘forty one two – mkII’ … it looks and feels refined. Into the ‘ozito bay’ over the weekend for finishing off, a stenciled logo and then off to be glassed next week … Yes, I’m outsourcing the glassing on this one!

The machine cut blank was $110, and the glassing will be $240, so $360 for a new board I designed myself!

Here’s the AKU ‘customer sheet’ for this one:

the ‘forty one two’ – mkII

Oh, yeah, BTW, it also a ‘lite’ blank so we’ll see how it last with a professional glass job.


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  1. At that cost you might as well go buy a board from a shop. Otherwise learn to shape and glass yourself. You can make a board like that for yourself for about $200 if you do the work yourself.

    1. Hey Fisher,

      Yep, a lot cheaper to glass it yourself … actually, about $160 cheaper, which is about the same as the material cost for another board.

      Not sure, I’d agree with the ‘buy from the shop’ cost comparison. Custom boards around here are running at around high $600’s … so with the blank, machine cut, outsource glassing combo coming in at around $360 … it’s a still a lot cheaper.


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