Deck Compressions … you think?

OK, so it’s Deck Compressionabout time I showed you this stuff …

Having surfed the ‘forty one two’ a few times now, well, OK that’s an understatement, she’s been well, ah let’s say … ‘broken in’, it has a couple of deck depressions.

At first, I thought it was my glassing, or surfing it before it was cured, or maybe even the UV catalyst since I’d heard that can make the glass a bit ‘softer’ … turns out it she was cut from a ‘lite’ blank and therefore a bit softer than a standard blank.

More Deck Depressions

Depressed Tail

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    1. Hey Dave,

      m8, I sure hope it was not a second. I paid full price for it! Talking to the supplier, who also arranges the machine cutting, we checked the order and I was told it was cut from a ‘lite’ blank … they have 3 types; standard, lite & comp lite. I’ve just sent another file for cutting, and it’s going to be a ‘lite’ blank again, but this time I’m going to outsource the glassing, and will hopefully give it some cure time.


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