Depression = Crack?

I’ve alluded to the damage a few times, but not had the time to put up these pic’s.

So, let’s recap … the forty one two is the board with deck depression, and as I’ve found it was cut from a ‘lite’ blank.

As you’d expect, once the deck compresses and the glass has to contour to new places it had not previously … somethings gotta give. I mean, after all it’s not a totally fluid or flexible material once it’s set. These have all been repaired … twice, and have all cracked again. As you’d expect, water has manged to soak into the blank, and so it’s been drying for a while. Now, I just have to find the motivation to repair it again.

Here’s a few pics of the damage, before the first repair.


The first one shows the cracking along the rail, which corresponds with the deck depression along the same rail line. I suspect I sanded too much along that edge, and then as the deck has compressed, it’s pulled the glass and it’s cracked at the weak point along that hard edge.






This next one shows the same rail line and the cracks up (down) the rail. As you can see, the deck is nicely compressed along that length of the rail. The interesting thing is that this rail is my toe side (I’m a natural footed surfer).





P1000736Here’s one of the cracks along the stringer on the deck. Again, no surprise it’s cracked along there since the deck has dropped all around it.




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