Forty One Two – mk III … design tweaks

med rail tweakOK, so you’ve probably read about my design issues with the next shortboard …  see my ramblings down the page.

My goal is to work this one out, then experiment from the base design, and to be honest, while the last few boards are getting “there”, it’s not quiet there yet. Each one is getting better. I could have saved myself some time and cost if I’d just trusted that the AKU shaper software was true ‘what you see is what you get’ …

So now, I’ve taken then Forty One Two – mkII and tweaked it some more … mainly the rails in the mid section, which you can see in the pic here. I’ve also backed off some of the concaves, just a smidge, and I worked out how to get rid if the ‘keel’ type ridge that was being created by the double concave.

So, I think I’m about there … tweaks done, time to get it machine cut. Thinking I might go with a standard blank this time, for some added compression resistance. I’m also going to talk to the new glasser, and see what they say about adding a heel patch, or just go a different cloth. I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s see how this one goes!

I am getting just a tad excited …

PS: How’s the rail measure points at the 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ mark in off the rail … one of the new features in the upgrade AKU Shaper software. Made it super easy for a newbie like me to tweak the rails, and know exactly how much I’ve adjusted them compared to the original file.

NOTE: Big thanks and shout out to to Nick Carroll for his comments, input and suggestions made over in the Real Surf forums … you can read the discussion over there here:

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  1. very good. definetly change glassers, 6 0z tail patch for sure adds fuck all weight, a mega wax job in that area is heavier..nick carroll surfboard knowledge is unbelievable… cargo is cheap transport if you need to get it to a real glass shop……..time to name those other rip off butcher fuckers.

    1. Hey Basil,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your input.

      Files been sent for cutting, so the new one has started. I’ll keep you posted with the glassing schedule once I’ve spoken to the glasser … thinking maybe even some s cloth, and a 3/4 deck patch, over a ‘standard’ blank may be the trick.

      Thanks for the tip on transport. I’m lucky, there are a far few glassing services nearby so I can drop the board off myself.

      Hope you’ve been getting waves.



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