nineteen 97 – bottom lam & cut laps

Slow going with this one … since I decided to paint it yellow, and do some artwork. The stripes on the bottom have come up good, but the deck design I tried to tape up did not look right, so it got a full coat of yellow on the deck. I also tried spraying the FFW logo stencil, but that’s come up a bit more smudged than I like …

yellow stripes - bottom laminated








Anyway, I have managed to get the bottom laminated and the laps cut and basted … they are ready for a sand in these pics. As you can see, the cut lap has given a much neater edge, but still a couple of spots where the paint lifted as I cut the lap. The nose and tail folds are the best I’ve done by far …

nose wraptail wrap - good side








One side of the tail is great, the other, I stuffed up the cloth cut so bit of a gap in the cloth coverage. Nothing that can not be fixed with an extra layer (little patch of cloth) when I do the deck.

Time to go and sand the laps … spot of paint onto a couple of spots on the deck, cut some cloth and get ready to glassing tomorrow.



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