Showroom Condition?

Forty One Two - mk III - outline after glassing
The ‘forty one two – mk III’ – outline and planshape

What a difference ‘professional’ glassing makes!

As you may have read, the glassing quality of the last one, was, well, let’s say below par … So, with this one, I went to a different glassing service and the result is chalk and cheese compared to the last one.  With many things, if you pay slightly more, you get a better product or result. Well that is NOT the case here.

I now have a new, custom surfboard in showroom condition. And, it was better value for money …

The previous one (i.e. the poor quality glassing) cost me $240. That was for 2 layers of standard 4 oz on the deck and 1 layer of 4 oz on the bottom, FCS equivalent fin plugs and the leash plug.

This one, was $220 for … wait for it … “S” cloth, 2 layers on the deck in 4 oz with a layer of 4 oz on the bottom, plus the carbon rail patches at the tail (as you can see in the pic), fcs fin plugs, and leash plug … plus, they sprayed the board white! So, not only a awesome glassing job, but all round better value.

Learnt my lesson.

Big thanks to Saltman aka Dave for suggesting this new glassing service.





Here’s another pic’s of this new one:

Forty One Two - mk III - rocker and foil
The ‘forty one two – mk III’ – rocker and foil



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5 Replies to “Showroom Condition?”

  1. fantastic. I know you would not reveal the bad glass job, but hey the good glass job is fucking good , promote those boys name of glassers please

  2. by the way that price of$220 is real good, not much profit in it for those boys, feel free not to name them if it was cash…

    1. Hey Basil,

      Yeah, you sorta hit it on the head there …

      The price I was quoted, and paid, was not for a “cash” job. That’s the standard off the street price! But, I did pay the $220 in cash. I was more than happy to do so, and what they’ve done with it is there business …

      So, yeah, it’s sensitive one.

      Also, FWIW, I noticed in the picture of the tail, there is a dirty mark near the stringer. That is NOT in the glass! It’s actually a spot of wax from my storage racks that I only noticed after I took the photo.

      If anyone wants to know the name of this awesome glassing service … post a comment and leave your e-mail address and I will send you an e-mail.

      Basil, I’ve just e-mailed you.


  3. Yeah Wingnut, I’d like to know who both the glassing services were. It would be good to know who not to go to as well. $220 is a great price. I was quoted $250 by a friend who does it. He is good though and I would happily pay that. Just curious who you used.
    Have you got a ride report for us. There have been a few fun waves around lately.


    1. Hi Scot,

      mate, as i posted before, I just want make sure I don’t get them into any trouble. I’ve just sent you an e-mail. 😉

      As for the poor glassing service, head to the one I’ve just recommended in the e-mail and you’ll be fine … I’m not keen on the -ve vibe and process, especially since I did not take it back or discuss it with them. I just rather promote the good guys …

      For anyone else … just drop me a comment on here and use a valid e-mail address and I can e-mail you the details.

      Thanks commenting, and let us know how you go …


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