She’s been known to visit from time to time (i.e. that special little lady; the fuck up fairy), but never like this … well, not around here …

So, here’s the story so far:

I decided to get two blanks cut to work on over the Christmas / New Year break. One, a remake of the Forty One Two – winter version (i.e. my current all rounder) and the other, an evolution of the Nineteen Ninety Seven (i.e. the minimal that started this journey) … so I sent the files off for cutting, and knowing the rush before Christmas had no expectations they would arrive quickly. So, about a week or 10 days later I went to collect the first one that made it into the cutting queue; the all rounder. Sweet.

Then, about a week later, I went to collect the minimal. Oops… there was a mix up, and somehow the all rounder was cut again. Ok, no worries … BUT …

There was a difference, a BIG difference … and that is where this part of the story gets interesting.

Note: Before we go any further, as you may know, I get my blanks cut and other supplies from Shapers. So, with this little, ah, glitch (see below), I just want to point out they have been on top of it, and have actually given me the second ‘glitch’ blank to play with, at no charge. It’s sort of become a talking point, and as you’ll read below, they, like you, have input into writing the rest of the story.

It appears there was a ‘glitch’ with the file sent to the machine. Now, remember, this was or should be exactly the same file (i.e. the same file was accidentally sent for cutting twice), so somewhere along the process, when it’s been cut the second time it has developed a “glitch”, and the end result, is what I’m calling “The FUP”

So, here she is in all her glory:

The FUP - Single and Double at Centre (close up) (1024x768)

That is at the CENTRE of board … Yes, you read that correctly … THE CENTRE!

Here is a close up of the depth of that double concave:

The FUP - Double Concave at Centre(1024x768)

Not sure if you can see it clearly, but that ruler is showing the depth at 1/2 of an inch!

And, remember that is at the centre of the board …

Here is another picture of it, this one taken from a wider angle:

The FUP - Single and Double at Centre (1024x768)

So, as you can see, the whole mid section of the board has some seriously deep concave(s) … the single concave depth, as measured by using a straight edge from rail to rail and then measuring down to the stringer is 3/16. That runs from approx. 12 inches off the tail right through the centre of the board and up to approx 24 inches off the nose.

The Double Concave depth(s), as measured using a straight edge laying from rail to rail and then measuring down to the deepest point in the double, are:

@ 12 inches off the tail – 3/16 of an inch

@ 18 inches off the tail – 1/4 of an inch

@ 24 inches off the tail – 6 / 16 of an inch

@ centre – 1/2 of an inch

The concave(s) (i.e. single and double) at the tail, through the 12 inches to 18 inches off the tail (i.e. between the fins) are fairly, ah, “standard” as you can see from this picture below:

The FUP - Single and Double at 12 off tail (1024x768)

As mentioned above, the crew at Shapers have given the cut blank to me at no charge. So, I’ve decided to make it, and see how it goes … Yep, you heard right, it’s going to be made, and ridden, but I’m not sure of a few things and need YOUR help. Yes, you … so, my questions for you:

1. Do you think I should reduce some of that double concave through the centre of the board? If so …

a) … should I take it out by increasing the single concave by shaving down the stringer, (i.e. flatter rocker at stringer), or

b) … should I take down the rails (i.e. flatter rocker at the rail), or

c) … a combination of both, and if so, how much off each?

2. How do you think this board will go?

a) … as is without any adjustment to the double concave as per above, and

b) … with your suggested refinements from above.

3. What fin configuration should go in this board?

a) … standard thruster, or

b) … standard quad, and if so, mckee set out?

c) … a five fin combo?

d) … what about a single fin box for added variety?

4. Any other thoughts?

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    1. Hey basil, she’s going to be glassed pretty much “as is” … just have to be able to glass. Bloody weather. It’s been too hot, or raining. Ah, the joys of backyard board building!

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