The ‘logo’ … applied as a stencil

I add a ‘logo’ to the boards I make … it’s painted (water based kids craft paint) on as a “stencil” which takes about 20 minutes. I usually just have a break while it dries, and then hit it with some clear acrylic spray paint (rattle can stuff from supa cheap auto) to stop any ‘bleeding’ into the resin when I glass.

I decided to start with this method of applying the logo because:

  1. It is cheaper than having logo’s printed onto rice paper, and
  2. I could not print my own onto rice paper because we don’t have a colour injet printer … we have a colour laser printer!
  3. Using UV catalyst, I would have had to have a small batch of mekp catalysed resin to put under the rice paper logo …

So, the simple solution was a ‘stencil’ for painting the ‘logo’ onto the foam.

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