THE ‘solution’ to the sticky problem ???

baked surfboard?Well, it’s been two days now, with the solution applied, so I went out this morning to check on the progress. As you can see in the first pic here, the paper has “stuck” to the board, no surprise there.

So I peeled back some of the paper (see second pic), which has revealed all the spots where the paper has ‘stuck’ are now dry, not even slightly sticky or tacky on those spots … but, the lower spots, where the paper has not “stuck” are still sticky / tacky.

Looking at the whole board then, I’d guess that maybe two thirds of the deck are now ‘tack free’ … so that’s a huge improvement. I’ll sand it with hot soapy water (another trick I picked up) so the paper does not “gum up” as much … when I tried this sanding the last coat, the paper was heaps easier to to then clean (hot soapy water and scrubbing brush … no need for toxic acetone).

Rolled Back Paper


PS: I’d just like to acknowledge these ‘solutions’ have come from over on Swaylocks. If you’re into making surfboards, or want to get into making surfboards, then make sure you spend some time searching through the posts on Swaylocks … some seriously awesome information has been posted on there over the years.

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