Using Technology

AKU Shaper

From my research, it seems computer design software and machine cutting have evolved to a fairly consistent standard. I have a few idea’s for boards (the side effect of being awake for 2 hours every night), and am looking at using AKU Shaper to design them, then get them machine cut before finishing myself. I am stupidly even thinking of doing the glassing myself in our garden shed.

I’m not a shaper, and never profess to be … as history serves my attempt years ago to mow foam happily convinced me to earn money at what I knew and spend $$$ to buy boards … I’m just a surfer with design idea’s looking for a process to bring them to life and think this computer design, machine cut process may just suit my skill … sure, there’s always the user error in the design process, and fuck knows, I’ll end up with a double concave up the nose, speed bump in the deck, or something …

I also kinda like the idea of being able to design a few for, and with, my gidget in years to come … she’s only 7 now, so I have a few years to get this all worked out.

Oh well, here goes … this is going to be some journey; a surfboard design and construction journey.

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