Who is reading, looking … who cares?

FFW Surfboards blog viewersLooking at your website visitors is a bit like googling your own name … .

Running this ‘blog’ for my surfboard building journey is purely so I have a central place for recording what has happened along the way, and I guess in some small way, maybe help others get into doing it for themselves.

So, with a few months into the journey and my ramblings on these pages having been read by a few people, and more so lately some interaction with comments (awesome!), I was looking at the site stats of where the viewers come from … now, this is all FREE, as a WordPress site, and to be honest, some of the site stats you get are quite interesting. I don’t understand them all …

So, thanks, for looking, reading and contributing … the image in this post is a screen shot of the ‘visitors’ to the site, and which country they have come from … it spin’s me out to think people from Greece, Spain, Brazil or even Iceland, Slovenia, Latvia are looking at what I post … a big hello to the person from Egypt who had a look (it’s the last one on the list that you can barely see).

If you’re looking, post up some comments … I’d love to know about YOUR board building journey!

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  1. Hi ffw… I just moved up to the Northern rivers, and looking into having some custom boards made. I have Aku shaper, and I have designed a slew of boards… but I have a few questions. Where do you get your foam blanks and the cutting done? Also… who does your glassing? I moved up from victoria and I don’t know much around these parts. Thanks in advance matey!

    Keep making these boards! Good to see your enjoying it.

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