Cut Blank to Finished Shape

I bit the bullet this morning. After waiting all day for the rain to ease yesterday, I really needed to got into the ‘ozito shed’ to finish the cut blank so I can take it to the glasser tomorrow … after some shed repairs, well, almost …  I’ll post about that separately.

So, I set up theForty One Two - MkII bay and got into finishing the blank.

I started with the ‘dags’ on the nose and tail, then into the finer finishing of the tail. Using the trusty yellow plastic saucer from my gidget’s cubbyhouse, I added the ‘curve’ to the rounded square tail. In the process, the bottom from tail to the 18″ point on both the deck and bottom got a hit.

From there it was onto the fine tuning of the nose, which was again frustrating because the stringer is not centred, and trying to get it looking right becomes a process of chasing my tail. It’s still not perfect, and looks a bit like a micro version of an old 70’s single fin … you know the ones with the thick noses.

I’m really happy with the bottom contours, it’s  single into double concave, and  have basically come straight off the machine cut … other than taking the machine grooves out of the blank, I have not touched them. Actually, for 90% of the blank that’s been all I have done. The rails took a bit of work to get the final curve and shape where I wanted them, and not wanting to make the board too asymmetrical I decided to stick with the base from the machine cut and computer design. I think the rails may need some more tweaking in future versions …

From start to finish … 2 houForty One Two - MkII - convavesrs!

Then I spent some time checking fin placement measurements, and marking up the points onto the blank … that took another hour, mainly due to my attempt to measure once, mark once (by double and even triple checking as I went along). I ended up going with the rear fin at 3 5/8″ with sides at 11 1/4″ … I have ‘measured’ to set the toe (i.e. rather than the x off the nose line up process) … went with 1/4″ toe.

Then it was time to add the FFW ‘logo” by stencil, which took longer to tape up, set up and wash up than actually doing … 30mins and all done.

As I was waiting for pictures to load for this post I went out and gave the logo a hit with some clear acrylic spray to stop any ‘bleeding’ when it’s glassed. So, all done in just on 3 1/2 hours … I’d hate to be getting paid piece rates, but as far as an easy weekend project goes, it is really not that time consuming.

Forty One Two - mkII (tail roughed in)


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    1. Yeah, digger, rice paper I bought at a craft supply store, and then printed at home using an Epson printer I bought new for $50. It was cheaper than getting the logo file “set up” at a printing place, they all wanted about $65, so I’m in front already … plus, I can change the design as I want with no additional ‘set up’ cost. Epson printers seem to be the go for this because they ‘heat’ the ink via an electronic process and so it ‘sticks’ to the rice paper better and does not ‘run’ under the resin as much … well, according to the crew on swaylocks anyway.

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