Maurice Cole

While doing some research into different designs, and in this case, the vee … as I have said before, I subscribe to a R&D philosophy (i.e. Rip Off and Duplicate) … no sense trying to reinvent the wheel, right?

So, I was looking at old posts on Swaylocks and came accross this thread and in it Maurice Cole, makes this comment:

… I have used shaping machines since the beginning and have over a 1000 programs that are the backbone of my design work … and I could not do any design work without it … I like to blow up a design so I might cut 3″ off tail, change railshape mess with concave etc … I always have a starting point that I can duplicate off the machine, but much prefer to do changes by eye, gut feel, and any recent feedback to fine tune a new design … I would be in the bottom 10 % of actual shaper craftsman … working at Rusty’s in the 90’s and with Pat Rawson and Eric Arakawa in Hawaii made me realise that for me to continue making/designing bds I would need a better tool … the preshaping machine! …

The thing for me is this is why I decided to use the design software and machine cutting … to get a consistent base design from which I could ‘tweak’ my design idea’s … which, as it would seem, is how Maurice has used the technology.

NOTE: If you have landed here by mistake, having searched “Maurice Cole” … you can find his website here: Maurice Cole Surfboards

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