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While doing some research into different designs, and in this case, the vee … as I have said before, I subscribe to a R&D philosophy (i.e. Rip Off and Duplicate) … no sense trying to reinvent the wheel, right?

So, I was looking at old posts on Swaylocks and came accross this thread and in it Maurice Cole, makes this comment:

… I have used shaping machines since the beginning and have over a 1000 programs that are the backbone of my design work … and I could not do any design work without it … I like to blow up a design so I might cut 3″ off tail, change railshape mess with concave etc … I always have a starting point that I can duplicate off the machine, but much prefer to do changes by eye, gut feel, and any recent feedback to fine tune a new design … I would be in the bottom 10 % of actual shaper craftsman … working at Rusty’s in the 90’s and with Pat Rawson and Eric Arakawa in Hawaii made me realise that for me to continue making/designing bds I would need a better tool … the preshaping machine! …

The thing for me is this is why I decided to use the design software and machine cutting … to get a consistent base design from which I could ‘tweak’ my design idea’s … which, as it would seem, is how Maurice has used the technology.

NOTE: If you have landed here by mistake, having searched “Maurice Cole” … you can find his website here: Maurice Cole Surfboards

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  1. G’day Wingnut
    Just wondering if you ever resumed making surfboards
    I have read the info on your website and find it quite interesting
    I have been making my OWN boards for quite some time and would like to swap ideas ,designs and general chat if you are interested
    I am 62 been surfing the best part of 50 years still surf short boards
    Anyhow send us an email if you like

    1. Hey Glenn, Stoked ya stopped by to say G’day and reach out. Hell yeah … happy to chat and discuss boards etc. I’ll shoot you an e-mail to the address you used with your comment. So sorry tat it’s nearly 12months ago that you posted your comment – I have been really slack with the website admin (too busy living n surfing). And, NO, I haven’t made any boards for ages … but do have some files drawn up that I keep tweaking as I refine my ideas. Cheers. Talk soon. Wingnut aka Wingnut2443

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