The ‘forty one’ – butcher or not …

The ‘forty one’ has had a work out over the last week … starting within less than a day of it being finished! So much for letting it cure … Anyway, it started out feeling ‘spongy’. which I was told is common for UV resin, but yesterday, it felt more solid. I put this down to it either getting harder (i.e. curing) or the deck depressions compressing the form to such an extent it can not go much further. Either way, it goes OK.

Two things I feel with it … One, it feels a bit long, which I feel is due to the foam from my chest up … the other, is it feels a bit tighter in turns, and with the same fins, same fin positions, and basically the same concaves as the board from which it was copied, the only reason is the tail shape. This pic shows the difference.

So, the question is, do I butcher this board and chop a bit off the nose and pull in the tail?

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