The ‘forty one two’ – before and after concaves

The design from AKU had a very slight single concave of only 1/16″, not 1/8″ as I posted earlier … but as I said, that is exactly what has come out in the cut blank as can be seen on the first pic here.

(Tip: double click on pics to see a full screen version)

The second pic here is after I have shaped in the concaves … I started with the single (or middle) taking down the stringer so I had about 3/16″ between the fins and about 1/8′ under the front foot … I then cut in the doubles so it runs with about 3/32″ from the front foot and runs through to it’s deepest between the fin with 7/32″ … both the single and doubles fade in from the nose, and fade out to the tail.

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