The ‘forty one two’ – skunked by the weather

The plan was to get the ‘forty one two’ glassed today (so the cure process could start) … I don’t want to rush jumping onto this one until its had time to cure, been told at least 7 days, 14 good and 21 best … that will kill me waiting that long and will really slow down the evolution process of this, the first HPSB for FFW Surfboards.

BUT, it rained all do, so working with UV catalyst meant no glassing today … I didn’t want to tempt fate and use MEKP as I do not feel confident going there …. yet!

So, I did some checking of the concaves today, and am pretty happy with how they have come up.

Here’s a pic of the concaves on the board I’m using as my inspiration.

Comparing this and the second pic I posted yesterday … looks about right to me?

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