the ‘Nineteen 97’ – 7’2″ mini mal

the 'nineteen 97' mini malWoohoo, found out today I’ll get the machine cut blank this Friday … STOKED.

With a bit of luck, I’ll get it glassed by Sunday, so the 2 week cure can start … actually, I might even give this one and extra week and a bit … MERRY CHRISTMAS to me !!!

So, here’s a couple of screen shots from the AKU minimal bottomfile …

This one has been designed based around and old faithful mini mal I had made back in 1997, and funny enough, I actually picked it up for Christmas that year too! The old girl served me well, got me back in the water after injuries and got me through many a flat spell and or summer slop. She was even the only board a surfed for a while when I was very unfit. I can only hope this new one is up to the task … time will tell.


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